Brand value

Say Goodbye to Hair Loss

Our organic and 100% natural hot hair growth oils are made to provide a permanent solution to hair loss. Whatever may be the reason for your receding hairline, Ajumah Beauty's oil is there to help you get your luscious locks back.


Ensuring the quality, purity, and reliability to offer single formula oil for natural therapy and wellness for their hair and skin.


  • Restore confidence
  • Feel and look better

Brand narrative

Our story revolves around making a product that people were in dire need of. The owner had worked as a hairdresser for more than a decade when they realized that hair fall had a tremendous impact on people's confidence and their ability to live a happy life.

People losing hair due to their tight hairstyles or just old age often felt depressed and no longer enjoyed their appearance.

That's when we decided to make a product that works wonders in reversing hair fall. The hot hair growth oil was imagined as a natural product designed according to the needs of people.

Simple, effective, and now made completely natural and absolutely free from any harmful substances.