7 redenen waarom je haar niet groeit

7 reasons why your hair isn't growing

7 reasons why your hair isn't growing

Sometimes your hair doesn't seem to grow. That is of course very annoying, especially if you want to achieve a longer hair length. Your hair grows about 1 centimeter per month, but why don't you see that in length?

The reason why your hair is not growing has to do with unkempt ends, such as dry and split ends. A disturbed protein and moisture hair balance weakens the hair and a dry scalp also does not help to achieve the desired hair length. By combing your hair coarsely, you can even pull healthy hair out of your head. Read on why your hair is not growing.

1. Ungroomed hair ends

Your ends are the oldest part of your hair and are therefore the most dry and fragile. These break off first and make it look like your hair hasn't grown. Split ends make your hair break faster and cannot be undone. The only solution is to cut off the split ends. The most common causes of split ends are heat, chemical treatments and rubbing.

A hair strand consists of small hair scales that lie over each other like roof tiles.
Rubbing against the direction of the scales can break the scales and create a split point. Wearing a turtleneck or a hood can rub the hair cuticles in the wrong direction.

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