Gebroken haarlijn. Als je je edges terug wilt, stop dan met dit te doen.

Broken hairline. If you want your edges back, stop doing this.

Bare edges

Edges, baby hairs or moons are the little hairs that grow along your hairline and frame your face. Whether you put them in a curl, in a wave or just leave them as they are, the appearance is an important point, especially for dark women. Lost or thinning hairline can be experienced as embarrassing.

The baby hairs are the most fragile hairs on your head. During the application of haircuts, combing and brushing, these hairs are pulled and manipulated the most, making them extra fragile. Before you know it, your hairline has shifted a lot back. This blog explains why you can break baby hairs to prevent it and tips to let your baby hair grow back.

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