Haargroei, hoe werkt het nu eigenlijk?

Hair growth, how does it actually work?

Hair growth, how does it actually work?

Everyone has hair, but how hair growth works is not yet fully known to everyone. We regularly receive questions about this and want to provide some clarity through this road.

Hair consists of a root and a shaft, the shaft is the visible part and the root is stuck in a hair follicle. A hair follicle is a kind of sac in the skin. The hair includes sebaceous glands and also muscles. The hair can be put upright by the hair muscles, which you can see with goosebumps.

Hair growth cycle hair growth cycle

Different phases of hair growth

Hair growth is happening all the time. The hair renews itself and grows constantly. At the bottom of the hair root, in the hair papilla, new cells are constantly being formed. The new cells move to the surface of the skin.

Hair growth in five different phases:

- The anagen phase (growth phase) lasts two to six years; into the hair matrix

- new cells created.

- The catagen phase (transitional phase) lasts two weeks; the hair and papilla go

- separate from each other.

- The telogen phase (resting phase) lasts three to four months; the hair rests in the follicle.

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How fast does hair grow?

It is very different from person to person how fast the hair growth process goes. In older people, the rate of hair growth is on average slower than in younger people. On average, a hair grows 1 to 1.5 centimeters per month. The speed of this decreases over the years. Healthy hair lasts an average of 1 to 6 years, daily hair loss is part of the hair growth process and is therefore nothing to worry about.

thin hair

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