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See the before photo of this lady who experienced hair loss due to stress and the results after using the Hot Hair Growth Oil.

Before and after photo of a girl whose edges/hairline had broken off.

This lady had hair loss after her pregnancy. see the before and after photos and read what she has to say about the Hot Hair Growth Oil.

See how you can restore eyelashes with the Hot Hair Growth Oil + useful tips!

Short video about the effect of the Hot Hair Growth Oil on hair + tips!

The Hot Hair Growth Oil is suitable for every hair type and has a fungal and anti-inflammatory effect. Hair loss usually occurs because hair follicles are inflamed. Because HHGO inhibits the inflammation in the hair follicle, a new hair can grow in the hair follicle. The whole combination of ingredients of HHGO ensures this effect. The result depends on the hair care and when the hair loss started. One goes faster than the other.

The Hot Hair Growth Oil is also suitable for eyelashes, use a cotton ball, thin brush or your fingertip to apply the oil.

The Hot Hair Growth Oil is suitable for children from 3 years old. B. Belfor used the oil for her 6 year old daughter. Read her story and view the photos here.

" My girl suffered from her loss due to fungus. I could "treat" it but her hair did not grow back. Until I tried the Ajumah hot oil. I use it 2x a week instead of 1x. I am sooooo happy with it 😭 😭 😭 😭 But it stinks 😅 😅 It 's because it's 100% natural It's really a top top product 😊" -

B. Belfor

Before and After hair growth Oil

The Hot Hair Growth Oil also works for men. Glenn also shared his experience with us. Read below what he thinks of the oil and see his before and after photos.

Hair growth male pattern baldness

2 week differents Hot Hair Growth oil

broken edges before and after Hot Hair Growth Oil