About us

During my 10-year experience as a hairdresser, I have been able to help several clients with their desired hairstyles. I had a client whose hair had fallen out due to stress. She was ashamed she told me and didn't even dare to look at herself in the mirror. She had filled her hair with her extensions so as not to be confronted with the bald spots on her head.

In that moment I knew I wanted to help her and people with the similar problem feel more confident about themselves. I then spent years researching how I could develop a hair growth oil that stimulates new hair growth.
The Hot Hair Growth Oil was then developed, an organic oil with 16 efficient herbs and oils. The oil has a fungal and anti-inflammatory effect. Hair loss usually occurs because hair follicles are inflamed or damaged. Each ingredient has its own purpose. The Hot Hair Growth Oil first heals the fungus or inflammation in the hair follicle and the nourishing effect of the oil stimulates new hair growth. "

CEO Sharesth Esseboom